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We, the LUCOIN Foundation, want to support the affected people and help where help has not yet arrived. For this reason we support, among others, the local food bank, the Munich cold bus, affected families, social institutions and many other projects. At the moment, the current public aid is not enough and does not yet take individual fates into account. Additional financial support, the maintenance of social projects or a new aid would, however, decisively improve the situation of those in need. Please donate to our foundation so that we can help others even more effectively.

Together we want to offer security in these turbulent times.

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Our foundation has been helping affected people from the beginning and offers a helping hand where it is needed. We appreciate your donation to the following account:

LUCOIN Foundation
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE71 7002 0500 6940 1660 00

Your deposit slip or bank statement is sufficient as proof of donation for donations up to 200 EUR; for all other amounts we will gladly issue a donation receipt as a donation certificate. For this purpose, please simply provide us with your address, e.g. in the reference field or in a separate letter.

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"In this time of crisis, it is important that we not close in on ourselves, but be attentive and open to our fellow human beings." - Franziskus

The Team of LUCOIN Foundation